Boot camp Day 1 (English)


Tetsuya san: There is an African proverb that says “If you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, Go together. I would like to open this program with the encouragement of this proverb that we all help each other and cooperate to make bigger things happen.

Hyogo Pref. New Industry Division, Industry and Labor Department Mr. Okamoto: We started putting more effort into startups as you can see by the presentation slide that three decades ago most of the Top corporations were Japanese companies, which is not the case anymore. Therefore we are trying to invest in new ideas. The motto for 2050’s Hyogo prefecture is “to make a society where everyone can maximize their potential and be hopeful in pursuing it”. This motto was revised and updated this year in March. We want to achieve this by encouraging everybody to take action when they have a startup idea, especially which solves problems and challenges of this society, such as by including SDGs. And also internationalizing the idea and globally spreading such startups. Keeping in sight, Hyogo to Japan, Japan to World. Thank you.

Kobe City Director of New Industry Division Mr. Takeda: I will present what Kobe city is doing to boost the new division industry such as startups. This division started investing and helping out startups in two digits but now in 2022, we have expanded that to hundreds. We have accomplished helping out more than 500 startups so far. And we aim to increase it to a thousand startups per year in 2025. However, This is unattainable on our own, so we welcome and urge the corporations, universities, banks, stakeholders and venture capitals in Kobe and surrounding areas to help us achieve the vision hand in hand. We have succeeded in cooperating with venture capitalists from silicon valley and we continue to exhort global collaborations. We have developed and invested heavily in three stations in Kobe for creating the ecospace for the startups to flourish. In addition, we also have a highly skilled team of medical supplies in Kobe. Thus, we have a separate division for medical supply-related startups. On the other hand for IT startups, currently, we have merged with Shibuya city for merged IT startup enhancements. Thank you for listening.

UNOPS Mr. Azuma: First I will give a simplified introduction of UNOPS. In this division of the UN, we collaborate with local governments mainly and corporations to speed up the process of reaching the SDGs by 2030. In the presentations, the images of Haiti and Yemen are the result of the collaborations between governments and UNOPS for resolving the issues. We have a huge role in connecting startups with the correct sources in each of the stations across the world. Please feel free to email and  discuss with me and my colleague Sugisako san to see how we can integrate UNOPS station and your startup to triumph.


Introduction of each startup in a sentence or a min.

Ripplenity: Goodmorning from NY! I assist with making use of the clothes you own to decrease the clothes thrown(Reduction of clothing loss) before being fully used to their fullest.

Altalena:reducing carbon footprint by spreading awareness about it through a cup of coffee

techno-labo: We reproduce something less disposable or hard to throw than the one use plastics.

CAREN: this is a brand that targets the niche, the ladies who need emotional support but their case is not severe enough for psychiatry or therapy. We give courses that make one become stronger mentally and emotionally. 

ZESST by Almatech:We are researching and have developed ships which uses Hydrogen as its fuel.

BABY JOB: The very first nappies subscription service ,from nappy company to the nurseries in Japan. This is to reduce the stress about nappies in parents and nursery staff. This is just a step towards our final goal to achieve a society where parents can enjoy bringing up children more.

SUN: We provide foreigners with Japanese language education material through an app that we developed a year and a half ago. We have already surpassed a hundred thousand downloads.

NUProtein: We are researching a vegetable based protein that is affordable and produced in an environmentally friendly way.

Redge,Inc.: We are working towards educating and training medical equipment to reduce gaps in medical fields across the globe. Currently I am in Cambodia visiting various hospitals and clinics.

Liquitous : Democracy DX with Liqlid, the Digital Citizen Participation Platform.

Unwind Inc.: We provide couple counseling and many more to reduce the unnecessary pain surrounding sexual health.

FOODPICT Inc.: We are a 100 percent plant based company, as in we dig out the different plants from the local farms and we help companies achieve a recipe that is equally delicious as non plant based food.

Dotsfor:Build a wireless networked digital platform within African villages.

eminess:Supporting women’s minds and bodies affected by hormonal balance through “food”.

to be continued, More in depth in the  Mid demo day